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Community Needs Assessment –  Westminster Canterbury Foundation partnered with Holleran Consulting to conduct a multi-phase Community Needs Assessment resulting in the thorough report available here. How was the study conducted?

Phase One: Holleran studied secondary data comprised of data obtained from existing reputable resources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For all demographic and health indicator statistics, data from Richmond City, VA, and Henrico County, VA, were incorporated.

Phase Two: Key informants – professionals working in senior services throughout greater Richmond – responded to a targeted survey to identify barriers and challenges to healthy aging in our region.

Phase Three: Seniors from greater Richmond responded to a targeted survey gathering their perspectives from a consumer point of view.

This data-rich report is full of testimony and identifies the key findings of this assessment. Feel free to use this information however you set fit.

Key Findings of Needs Assesment (Executive Summary)

Community Needs Assessment (Full Report)

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