Our Roots in Faith Call Us to Love…

Love, however, is often not easy – and infinitely difficult to know how it should look in community, in our homes and in the broader marketplace.  We acknowledge with deep humility that mere words cannot convey the pain and sorrow experienced in our country now, nor how that pain has been experienced for centuries.  We do believe that now is a time that cries out for us to open ourselves to learning, listening and striving to grow in understanding and empathy. 

Our community of staff and residents together is made up of people from many walks of life, more than 40 countries-of-origin. We represent nearly every world religion and many ethnic backgrounds.  Despite perception, our residents join us from every socio-economic strata. So, while our collective horror over the death of Mr. Floyd is shared, our inner feelings and reactions are many and varied.  But we all grieve. 

In a recent video update, Director of Pastoral Care Rev. Dr. Lynn McClintock encouraged us all to ask this question of others different than us, “How is it for you?”  The beginning of dialogue that seeks to understand begins with that question. 

When Jesus instructed his followers to love one another, he knew this was not an easy request. He reached out to the disenfranchised and knelt at the feet of his friends.  He experienced wrath and execution and he knew what was coming. We are remiss if we think faith leads us to complacency.  No matter what your faith tradition, you learn that love must be at the core.  While we pray for justice and peace, let us each pray that God will show us how to be part of redeeming the world.  Many of our residents and staff are eager to continue this important conversation, knowing that peace, justice and love are a call for each of us.

As we all seek to cope with two enormous crises – one of worldwide health and one of nationwide racial tension – may we open our hearts to one another, knowing love can be painful and hard, but it is the rock upon which we can stand. Together. 

Join Us in Honoring Our Veterans

A huge thank you to all of the residents and staff who worked so hard to create this Memorial Day program. The prerecorded event aired on our in-house TV station and our YouTube channel so residents, families and friends could share this moving tribute to all those who have served our country. We invite you to enjoy the presentation as you remember those who have given so much to protect our freedoms.

Leadership in Senior Services

One of Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s values is leadership – maintaining a position of excellence in the senior services industry. Much of that focus is on ensuring we have the right employees in the right roles and offering them excellent training. We also serve as leaders outside of our walls, sharing our resources and expertise while learning from others who serve seniors in similar ways.

Westminster Canterbury has continued its industry leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. John Burns, President and CEO, serves as a resource to other organizations around Virginia through the LeadingAge Virginia Board. He serves on the Governor’s Long Term Care Task Force, Management Roundtable Coronavirus Task Force and International Council of Active Aging COVID-19 Industry Task Force. Other Westminster Canterbury team members shared our coronavirus experiences during speaking engagements including Senior Living 100, LeadingAge National Coronavirus Daily Member Updates and the LeadingAge Virginia Philanthropy Network and more. These connections give perspective that we bring to our day-to-day work while we strive to keep our campus safe during uncertain and unprecedented times.

Westminster Canterbury is also known for its focus on customer service. Sherry Grady, Vice President of Facilities Management, was recently appointed to the University of Richmond’s Advisory Board for their Customer Experience Certificate Program. This program focuses on helping business leaders shape customer experiences with their brand and products. Participants in the program apply principles and techniques that drive customer experience innovation and solve real-world challenges. As the world faces challenges in serving customers in all sectors in new and different ways, this program will become an important tool.

The field of senior services is one that is filled with endless opportunities and challenges to ensuring the best life possible for our residents. There is much to be learned and shared among similar organizations, and Westminster Canterbury has been blessed to have a wonderful network for collaboration.

If you’re interested in making a career out of caring in the senior living industry, visit the Westminster Canterbury Richmond careers page or LeadingAge Virginia Career Center to find your next opportunity.

so proud of our nursing team!

During National Nurses Week, we thanked, honored and celebrated our nursing staff at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. National Nurses Day was on May 12, in honor of Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale was born 200 years ago today, and she is known as the founder of modern nursing. She is best known for redefining nursing as an honored profession.

The COVID-19 pandemic has again redefined nursing. The year 2020 has been designated as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, by the World Health Organization. Countries all over the world are acknowledging the contributions nursing staff make to the health of their communities.

Nurses are leading and teaching teams in infection prevention and control. At Westminster Canterbury, our nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are selflessly providing loving care in hot gowns and masks for the sake of our beloved residents. Our nursing team is a source of professional, caring knowledge, not only for our residents, but also for their families, neighbors and the greater community.

To all the nursing staff at Westminster Canterbury, thank you for your service and dedication. You are truly heroes and angels to our residents and their families. Please watch this video that features our fantastic nursing team!

Support senior living on this #givingtuesday

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving and unity taking place today, May 5, 2020, as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. A global threat like COVID-19 affects more than just the infected. A pandemic like this touches every person on the planet, and it presents an opportunity to come together as a global community. Together, let’s show our support for frontline workers, unsung heroes and the grassroots organizations that are helping our most vulnerable communities around the world, including those in the senior living industry nationwide.

During challenging times like these, Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s mission becomes even more important and more precious. As you think about how to respond generously within our community, we invite you to consider these needs:

  • Fellowship Program: No matter what, no resident of Westminster Canterbury Richmond will ever be asked to leave for financial reasons that happen through no fault of their own. We want to reassure each of you that this remains absolutely true. We also want to be able to continue to respond to people whom we might welcome into our community. Now more than any time since 2008, we encourage your gifts to our Fellowship Program.
  • W∙E∙A∙V∙E (Workforce-Education-Assistance-Volunteerism-Engagement): As you know, our employees are working tirelessly, creatively and with great dedication during the COVID-19 crisis. Though Westminster Canterbury employees are needed on their jobs, it is likely that many will be adversely impacted by work layoffs of family members. The “A” in W∙E∙A∙V∙E stands for Assistance. When employees face financial emergencies, they can ask for assistance. We need to stand ready to help! We encourage you to consider a generous gift to W∙E∙A∙V∙E so that we will be able to respond positively when needs arise. Another way to appreciate our employees is to make a gift to the Employee Christmas Fund, a resident-run effort not managed by the Foundation.
  • Area of Greatest Need: When you choose to give to the area of greatest need, you give us the flexibility to respond quickly when needs arise.

During times of crisis and concern, helping one another is an inspiring response. Thank you so much for all the ways you’ve helped in the past. Thank you for considering ways to help now, when the needs are so great. Let’s rally together to make a real difference now! Click here to make a gift online now.

Celebrating our Amazing Volunteers and Staff!

This week, we celebrate National Volunteer Week and Careers in Aging Week, honoring all who help others in so many ways. At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, we are so fortunate to have more than 500 residents and non-residents volunteer on campus. These hardworking people do so much: serving with Pastoral Care, transporting residents to and from activities, providing clerical support, assisting residents with recreation activities, ushering in the Sara Belle November Theater and providing a listening ear and a friendly companion for a resident, among other things. And we are also blessed with another fantastic group of people – our outstanding workforce! Our staff love serving seniors, and what better way to celebrate that spirit than during Careers in Aging Week.

Everything looks a little different in the midst of the international COVID-19 crisis – for everyone, everywhere. Like so many other senior living communities, we changed our day-to-day operations to accommodate this new “normal,” while maintaining a steadfast focus on our most important priority – improving the lives of the approximately 830 residents we serve every day. Many employees’ typical job duties changed as we temporarily suspended group activities such as fitness and studio arts classes, theater performances, group dining and more. The staff who typically fill these roles so well still serve our residents in the very best ways possible, just in different ways.

And let’s not forget our residents themselves. Although they may not be able to gather in groups, that has not stopped many of them from volunteering in a different way – sewing cloth masks. This is all done with our eyes on the collective mission of keeping our community, both within and outside our campus, safe and healthy.

We could not serve our residents during this challenging time, or any time, without our wonderful, caring staff. We thank them for all they do for our residents, especially now when many are doing things they have never done before. They truly have made a career out of caring. During a very challenging, unprecedented time, we have banded together and are approaching each day according to The Westminster Canterbury Way!

From Westminster Canterbury Richmond, we wish good health to you and your family.

If you’d like to learn more about making a career out of caring, click here for employment opportunities at Westminster Canterbury.

Click here to stay updated on how Westminster Canterbury is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Coming together in our isolation

This has been a “holy season” like none other. While those of the Jewish faith were celebrating Passover—and Christians, Holy Week and Easter—we may feel more like we are still wandering in the wilderness rather than brought to the promised land or entered into resurrection joy. In this time of COVID-19 what we are to celebrate?

While we are unable to come together to share our grief, confusion and loneliness, we can still share our burdens and our hope.

These hardships have kindled a new sense of community and collective responsibility as we each do our part to keep each other safe. We are finding how strong and resilient we are as we learn to adapt to this “new normal.” Notes and phone calls of appreciation from residents and their families boost the spirits of staff. Even under the cloud of uncertainty about when we can all breathe a little more easily, we are holding steady, and we affirm the strength of this community. We are living out our strong roots of faith as we get through this.

Success often starts in struggle. The COVID-19 path is hard because it is so unknown. The path is messy, but it is holy.

In our struggle, we may feel more alone because we are more isolated. What, then, are we to celebrate? We are here for each other. God is here, too. Together, we’ll get through this.

Resources for Healthy Aging – Medicare Billing and Health Insurance

Forging community partnerships, engaging our employees who love to volunteer and serving greater Richmond define Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Outreach. One of the many ways we provide more mission to more people is through access to Resources for Healthy Aging. These videos contain useful content on nutrition, healthy eating, maintaining wellness and more.

In this installment, Westminster Canterbury Richmond at Home’s Kevin Daignault, Administrator; and Tim Mohr, Health Information Manager; discuss different types of insurance and answer common questions about billing. Westminster Canterbury Richmond at Home offers Home Health and Hospice services on our campus and Home Health services in the Richmond community. We are sharing these video resources with the community. Watch below.

Getting a Workout from the Comfort of Home

Many of us are feeling antsy from remaining socially distant inside our homes. While we are able to get outside for a walk and to enjoy some sunshine, many fitness centers and group exercise classes have temporarily ceased normal operation. Two of Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s fitness specialists, Patti Pickering and Julie McElduff, put together a short exercise program you can do from the comfort of your own home. Watch this video see Patti and Julie take you through a series of workouts while demonstrating how each exercise can be performed while sitting or standing.

Your help is needed now…more than ever!

Now, perhaps more than ever, the health and wellbeing of seniors-in-need could be in jeopardy. Through Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program, more than 100 seniors-in-need know their futures are secure…but it was not always this way for them. Consider this letter we recently received from the daughter of a newer Westminster Canterbury Richmond resident.  

“After Dad’s death, Mom was left with very little. My parents had given their entire lives to helping others. I became so worried about Mom being alone. The neighborhood where she lived had become unsafe. What if she fell? What repair would her aging home need next? What if she became seriously ill? Her financial situation was fragile. As much as I wanted to help, my income is small. Mom seemed so lonely, so isolated. I saw her health and her spirit decline. The worst part was, I knew Mom was worrying, too, but she never wanted to burden me.

Through the grace of God, a friend at church told me about Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program. Thanks to so many generous people, Mom is now in a thriving environment she calls home. These compassionate donors whom I’ve never met have given our family such peace of mind. They have literally saved Mom’s life!

I will always be a donor to the Fellowship Program. My small gift, added to the gifts of others, makes a huge difference in the lives of more than 100 seniors just like my mom, who are receiving help right now. We thank God each day for this incredible generosity.”

Security and safety should be the right of every senior…

YOUR inspiring generosity to the Fellowship Program saves lives!

YOU provide secure housing, meals and life-saving medical care.

YOU help keep our seniors safe in times of great uncertainty.

Security, safety and health are more important now than ever before. YOU can help our community with a generous gift to the Fellowship Program, a gift that helps us continue serving seniors-in-need at  Westminster Canterbury…and reaching others who need our help.

For more information or to give, please contact Jeanette Ucci at (804) 264-6204 or visit our website.