Your Plan for Inspiring Generosity

Inspiring generosity makes many things possible at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. Generous donors are the lifeblood of our organization, helping us to ensure the best life possible for our residents and to cultivate leadership in senior services. What does this mean? We strive to support our residents and employees while also sharing with others in our region and industry what makes Westminster Canterbury such a special place so that all seniors can live life well.

Throughout our more than forty-year history, Westminster Canterbury has benefited from the foresight of donors who planned ahead to create a legacy that reflected the things they cared about most. Many left a gift to Westminster Canterbury Foundation in their wills. Some created arrangements like charitable gift annuities that give them income during their life while benefiting the Foundation after their lifetime.

These generous planners help Westminster Canterbury as we pursue a vibrant vision for what senior living looks like today and in the future. Your gifts strengthen what we do best – spiritual support, the arts, wellness, healthcare excellence, memory care, workforce development and intergenerational magic! Your support encourages innovation that improves lives. Our top priority, the Fellowship Program, provides security and peace of mind to seniors-in-need.

What is your plan for the future? For some tips of how to create or update your estate plan to make sure you take care of loved ones and the organizations you care about, read more here:

Observing Lent at Westminster Canterbury Richmond

Lent is a time for reflection and prayer leading us to one of the most important days of the Christian year, Easter Sunday. Over time, Lent has come to resonate with people of varied faith traditions, including those who may not practice a formal religion. Why? True, observance of Lent can follow the more traditional sense of fasting and prayer. But it can also offer a broader, more personal opportunity to reflect on one’s relationships with the rest of humanity and with God.   

Here at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, we commemorate the beginning of Lent with our Ash Wednesday Service, conducted by our Pastoral Care staff and clergy from Richmond area congregations. Another important Lenten tradition here is the publication of The Lenten Journey. Written by residents, staff and friends of Westminster Canterbury, this is a collection of devotions that challenges us to deepen our Lenten observances. More than 4,000 copies are distributed to area faith congregations. The devotions are as diverse as the writers themselves. Everyone, regardless of whether participating in a formal faith tradition or not, is likely to find a devotion within these pages that resonates with his or her soul. From…

  • A gentle reminder to be still and listen for God’s presence in our lives,
  • To an invitation to “exchange our bad habits for healthier alternatives,”
  • To comforting thoughts for those who grieve,
  • To messages of hope in a frequently hostile world,
  • To the invitation to open our eyes to the everyday miracles happening around us.

We hope you will find words of comfort and inspiration in this Westminster Canterbury tradition. You may download a copy of The Lenten Journey here:

May this Lenten Season be a time of reflection and renewal for you.

Renewal of Vows

19 years.  53 years.  69 years!  These are the number of years some of our beloved resident couples have been married.  To celebrate their love and commitment, four couples renewed their vows on Valentine’s Day, 2019. In a background of beautiful music surrounded by friends and family, these lovelies held hands, smiled and kissed…in celebration of their love and dedication to each other.  Every day is a wonderful day to celebrate love!


Every Mission Needs People to Make it Happen!

Here at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, we believe deeply in our mission of improving the lives of those we serve every day.  We’re committed to ensuring the best life possible for our residents and to cultivating leadership in senior services.

But this mission can’t gain traction without people.  And not just any people – we rely on many, many dedicated and qualified staff.  Sadly, it isn’t always easy to find them.

Both here in Richmond and nationwide, there is a workforce crisis in senior-focused organizations. With 10,000 people turning 65 each day and living longer lives, there are fewer available caregivers to serve growing numbers who need specialized care. Yet, senior services is still a largely unrecognized career option for workers of many age and ability ranges.

Working with seniors is a rewarding career with an excellent future. There are a wide variety of professions needed – Nursing, Cultural Arts, Information Technology, Communications, Dining, Philanthropy, Housekeeping, Pastoral Care, Engineering, and at Westminster Canterbury, even teachers for child development!

There has been no better time to learn about positive aging and purposeful elderhood than now!  Many senior-focused organizations are hiring here and around the country.  So, perhaps a rewarding career in senior services could be calling you!  Please consider answering!

To learn more about careers at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, go to

Celebrating All Kinds of Love on Valentine’s Day!

What do you think of when you hear that Valentine’s Day is approaching? If you’re like so many of us, you’ve been conditioned to think almost solely of romantic love: flowers, candy, jewelry and tons of greeting cards.

Besides being narrowly focused, this sole emphasis on romantic love, or eros, can cause many people to experience loneliness on a day that could be used as a time to celebrate the many varied and beautiful types of love. One of the greatest risks for seniors is isolation and loneliness. It’s important to stay connected through all types of love!

The origins of Valentine’s Day are not definite, but historians generally agree that it originated to honor one of the three Saints Valentine. Centuries later, Valentine’s Day is almost singly associated with romantic love. Americans alone spend billions of dollars for Valentine’s Day gifts! And if you’re not involved in a romantic relationship…well, where does this leave you?

There are many other types of love that could be celebrated on Valentine’s Day! When we emphasize only romantic love, we miss the opportunity to celebrate other longer-lasting, highly fulfilling types of affection. Amongst others, there is philia, which is friendship and good will toward others. There is pragma, or practical love, the longer-term love that is based on commitment and shared goals. And, there is agape, or universal love, sometimes also compared to charity or associated with the love between God and humankind. 

All of these are equally legitimate forms of love to celebrate! When is the last time we thought of giving a Valentine’s cards as a way of thanking a friend for support? Or how about using Valentine’s Day to celebrate a couple whose marriage or relationship has spanned decades? And how can we practice agape, the universal love of others, on Valentine’s Day? We can do something nice, something unexpected, for a friend, coworker, or even a stranger! Buy someone’s lunch, visit someone who is often alone, or practice philanthropy, as you are able, to help others.

At Westminster Canterbury, this year we are celebrating through a Renewal of Vows ceremony for resident couples; staff and residents exchanging “Valentine Grams” to express their appreciation; and a Reflections of Love Open House to share wedding photos, love letters and trinkets. Let’s challenge the “traditional” sense of Valentine’s Day this year. Perhaps skip that routine box of chocolates and take time to celebrate those other important loves in your life! Let’s make this Valentine’s Day the most inclusive one yet!

Our Employees Give From the Heart

At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, our employees take giving back seriously. They have launched the “Giving From the Heart” effort in February to raise donations for W·E·A·V·E.

Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s W·E·A·V·E program (Workforce-Education-Assistance-Volunteerism-Engagement) is their channel to giving back to one another and our community. Employees support W·E·A·V·E to help their fellow coworkers with emergencies, enable them to pursue education and self-improvement, fund staff volunteer work in the Richmond community, and connect through activity and appreciation.

During 2018, Westminster Canterbury staff partnered with project:HOMES to build components for 15 ramps and install three others on homes in the Richmond community. Staff raised the funds for the materials and gave the volunteer hours to make it happen. Part of the funds given by donors to W·E·A·V·E will help build more ramps in 2019.

Because of generous donors, our workforce can apply for emergency assistance for situations such as when a house fire strikes or a spouse loses a job. Donations also provide for scholarship assistance, making it possible for many to pursue additional education through certifications, conferences and higher degrees. In the past year, donors made it possible for coworkers to pursue degrees in Nursing and Business Administration, certifications in new Wellness and Recreation skills and additional training that will help them in their careers and help ensure the best life possible for our residents.

Our employees care deeply about our residents and each other. It is a privilege to watch their generosity in action.

Intimate Chamber Concert Series in the Roof Terrace

Westminster Canterbury Richmond recently undertook an extensive renovation of our Roof Terrace, a beautiful gathering space at the top of our eight-story Tower building. The interior of the Roof Terrace is complete, and activities are already taking place up there! We have had birthday parties, cocktail parties, lectures, and exercise classes that have gone very well.

The most recent addition to our Cultural Arts activities is a new performing arts series called the Roof Terrace Chamber Series. This video is from the first performance. This is a great example of how improving our spaces is a great benefit to helping our residents live life well with vital engagement in their senior years. Stay tuned for more videos as the performances continue. Learn more about our theater and arts programming here.


Resolve to Grow

At the start of a New Year, many make resolutions.  These resolutions are often so predictable that gyms add short-term staff every January knowing most good intentions fade away quickly.  But how often do we resolve to deepen aspects of life that may make the biggest difference to our relationships, peace of mind and overall wellness?  It’s never too late for that!

Resolving to deepen our spiritual life can be simple but powerful.  Agree with yourself that you’ll carve out even ten minutes to be quiet, to pray or meditate, to read scripture, listen to inspiring music, or talk with a friend about values you share.  Try setting aside the same small block of time each day so that you develop a rhythm.  Many choose to start their day with a quiet time and others enjoy ending their day by remembering the day’s blessings and turning their worries over to God.  Our spiritual lives are at the core of personal wellness through seeking peace, connectedness, emotional support, a sense of joy and wholeness.  These are characteristics that help sustain us through the thick and thin of life.

When we encourage one another to deepen our spiritual lives, we each find it easier to stick to an important resolution. May 2019 be a year of joy and growth for you and those you love!

Staying Connected Promotes Good Health

Here at Westminster Canterbury Richmond, activities are designed to help residents learn the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle and increase the awareness of whole person wellness. We already know that staying physically active offers a variety of health benefits but how can staying socially active help maintain good health as well?

Staying connected and spending time with others can combat the negative effects of social isolation and loneliness. Seniors are especially vulnerable to these issues as they begin to lose family and friends, become physically impaired, or face transportation challenges. Some risks associated with these issues include depression, developing sore joints and weak muscles, increasing blood pressure and developing memory and cognitive problems.

To help residents at Westminster Canterbury Richmond avoid the dangers of social isolation, our wellness and recreation teams create fun and engaging activities every week. Residents can enjoy off-campus excursions, performances in the Sara Belle November Theater, educational and spiritual lectures, resident-led activities such as bridge, croquet and chess, art classes and instructor-led exercise classes. In addition, residents have access to new technology making it easier for them to communicate with each other with their smart devices.

Social engagement is an important dimension of good health and plays a major role in the current and future plans for maintaining and improving the Wellness Program on our campus. We look forward to connecting and interacting with you, helping to make it a happy and healthy New Year.

The Giving Time of Year

The holiday season is a wonderful time for taking stock of our blessings. As we celebrate with family, spend time with friends, shop for the perfect gift or prepare special holiday treats, we can reflect on all the people and things we are thankful for.

It is especially during this giving time of the year that Westminster Canterbury Foundation is particularly grateful for the inspiring generosity of so many. You ensure the best life possible for our residents and employees, along with everyone associated with our organization. Since our very beginnings, we have provided support for seniors-in-need through our Fellowship Program, which provides security, dignity and peace of mind to more than 110 of your deserving neighbors. Your gifts to the Fellowship program provide housing, meals, comprehensive medical care and a culturally rich and fulfilling environment for neighbors-in-need.

A recipient of Fellowship assistance shared these thoughts about your inspiring generosity:

“Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Fellowship Program means everything to me. Before moving to Westminster Canterbury Richmond, I spent decades caring for my wife. She had multiple chronic illnesses. Thankfully, we had many wonderful years together. By the time she passed away, we were left with very little. Our pastor encouraged us to apply to the Fellowship Program. Because of generous donors like you, I now call Westminster Canterbury home.  Imagine for a moment what living here means to me.  I now have a safe and caring place to live. I receive all of my meals. My medical needs are met through excellent life care.  For the first time in years, I have security and peace of mind. The Fellowship Program is a gift from God! Being a part of this program has proven hours of love and security beyond measure. I am so grateful!”