Batting Into Fall in the Child Development Center

As Fall approaches, the Child Development Center at Westminster Canterbury Richmond is gearing up for an exciting new season! Each quarter, “friends and family boards” with a specific theme are decorated throughout the Center with photos of family fun and togetherness.  This season’s theme is sports/team related. Families will add pictures participating in their favorite activity or wearing their favorite team jersey. The friends and family board is intended to build community and links the home family to the school family.  Meghan Kaloski, Assistant Director adds, “It helps our families get to know each other and helps us to notice connections that we can use to build relationships.”

This creative idea supports the Conscious Discipline approach, which is practiced through the Center. Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social-emotional learning program based on current brain research, child development information, and developmentally appropriate practices.  Built on the premise of developing discipline within children rather than applying discipline to them, it sets everyone (kids, families and staff) up to feel safe, loved and ready to learn and is the basis of our School Family! The children in the Child Development Center are part of a family, not only within the Center, but throughout the Westminster Canterbury campus. They often interact with residents through our intergenerational program, which is one way of introducing the children and seniors to each other to share and to be loved.

The friends and family boards, with their inspirational messages and photos of smiling, happy faces are a way of creating that sense of connection between home and school and a reminder that raising children takes team work! Quoting one bulletin board, “We are all different but as a team we fit together”. We look forward to winning season!

Senior Summer

The Senior Summer program at Westminster Canterbury Richmond provides learning opportunities to hundreds of residents each year. The program, which is the brain child of resident and founder Ann Archer, is hugely popular among residents and recently became available to those on our resident wait list. For the first interview in our new TV970 studio we interviewed Ann Archer and resident Dr. Bill Blake, a teacher with the program for years.

Make a Career Out of Caring

Westminster Canterbury Richmond is a great place to make a career out of caring! There are many opportunities to become a part of our award-winning community, from healthcare and engineering to housekeeping and hospitality. Watch this video to learn more about what makes Westminster Canterbury such a wonderful place to work.

If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities to work at Westminster Canterbury, visit or call 804-264-6201.

Pirates of the Canterbury

On July 28, Westminster Canterbury Richmond celebrated its 43rd anniversary with Pirates of the Canterbury festivities! Residents, employees, family members and children from our Child Development Center were encouraged to don their pirate attire and hand-decorated pirate hats and join the party.

There was something for everyone! Themed sales were featured in all of the resident-run shops, where residents can purchase secondhand items and reap the bounty of special sales. Children and residents alike colored pirate ships while watching Peter Pan. Landlubbers took part in a cross-campus Treasure Hunt and captured the prized reward. For those aching to set sail there was a shipwreck photo booth in the H. Scott November Gallery.

“It was really fun to see our residents, employees, and children showing off their finest pirate garb in our shipwreck photo booth.” said Whitney Worrell, Manager of Life Enrichment. “The Parrots of Paradise petting zoo was also a hit!”

In the evening, dinner featured jerk pork tenderloin, Dominican curried lamp, Jamaican callaloo, Caribbean coleslaw, mango rum upside-down cake and more! Residents in all areas of campus enjoyed parties and centerpieces handmade by our resident Small Crafts group.

We celebrated 43 years of residents who live life well – seafarers and land lovers alike!

Hello from the Mary Morton Parsons Health Center Team!

When you hear the words “health care center” or “long term care center,” do you immediately associate the word “JOY?”  If not, glance at this very short video clip of the staff of the Mary Morton Parsons Health Center at Westminster Canterbury Richmond.  Nurses, administrators, recreational therapists, chaplains, nursing assistants, physical therapists, medical records staff – even Child Development Center teachers and their adorable students!  All these people – and our beloved residents and their families – work together to create the happiest possible place with the best possible care.  Enjoy!

For more information about Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Healthcare Excellence – contact Gayle Haglund at


Ageism – stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people based on their age.  Sadly, ageism is so common, we scarcely notice.  Change is needed! With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day and people enjoying much longer lives than ever before, it is imperative to understand the severe impact ageism inflicts.  The idea that seniors are weak, powerless, and burdensome is deeply seeded in our social psyche. Over our lifetimes, we’ve been exposed to negative portrayals of seniors in the media and movies – sad, grumpy and helpless with nothing more to contribute.  When such negative messages are internalized, they can cause serious anxiety, depression and withdrawal, even rob years of life.

In fact, seniors have much to contribute and to look forward to!  Abundant knowledge and wisdom to share.  Honed skills and talents to pursue.  Hearts full of love to lavish on family and friends.  Peacemaking to heal families and communities.  Curiosity to keep learning.  And what’s more – since the senior demographic is the fastest growing segment of western societies, innovation for the longevity economy will fuel business.

So let’s turn ageism on its head and instead start celebrating the wonderful privilege of growing older. Let’s honor one another at every stage of life. Let’s believe the best is truly yet to come.  Together, we can disrupt ageism.

Assisted Living

Westminster Canterbury Richmond residents invite you into their homes to share ways they live life well and benefit from thoughtful services. This video about our assisted living offerings may surprise you!

To learn more contact Sloan Lindsey at

Happy Independence Day from Westminster Canterbury Richmond!

On Independence Day, the United States of America commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. At Westminster Canterbury Richmond, we celebrate in style!

One of the highlights of the year is our Independence Day parade, where residents, employees, and children from our Child Development Center come together to showcase their patriotic finest.

This year’s celebration included Firecracker Popsicle Parties, An Independence Day Celebration performance by the Reflections Band in the Sara Belle November Theater, and a special July 4 Picnic Buffet with hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecue, beer and all the fixings!

Enjoy this look at the parade and all the Independence Day spirit!

So Much to See and Do at Westminster Canterbury Richmond!

We are never bored.

Every month, every week, nearly every day, there are countless opportunities for fun and engagement at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. Life enrichment and cultural arts are a big aspect of ensuring the best life possible for our residents. These ideas are apparent in our extensive calendar of regular activities.

In the Sara Belle November Theater located right on our campus, more than 50 professional performing arts programs take place annually. It is one of the only theaters on the campus of a retirement community in the country! Performances are paid for by charitable donations, residents can attend regardless of health or financial status.

Residents expand their minds when they attend our WCR Forum Lecture Series, Chaplain’s lectures and Senior Summer Courses covering an array of interesting topics of professors, ministers and experts. Classes and workshops in the McGue-Millhiser Arts Studio bring an artistic flair to experienced or budding artists. Excursions to off-campus tours, shopping destinations, sporting events and theater engagements connect residents with new (and favorite) experiences!

We are never bored. But if you prefer the quiet to a schedule packed with activities, you can also enjoy a leisurely afternoon reading in our library, stroll through our exquisite gardens or play bridge and dominoes with your friends.

No matter your lifestyle, you can do as much or as little as you want when you live at Westminster Canterbury. Check out a sampling of the coming opportunities for our residents, staff and Canterbury Club members in the Summer 2018 Cultural and Educational Booklet.

Inspiring Innovation at Westminster Canterbury Richmond

One of Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s long held values is innovation. The senior living industry demands creative solutions to ever-evolving challenges, and we know we must keep up in order to ensure the best life possible for our residents.

Through our Foundation, we offer Innovation Grants to employees who come up with projects and ideas that improve the lives of those we serve. I wanted to share with you highlights of this year’s awards that demonstrate our commitment to being leaders in senior living.

Healthcare Excellence – The Foundation provides funding that creates a margin of excellence in healthcare services. Thanks to charitable gifts, a thorough orientation and mentorship curriculum called a preceptor program trains new employees. New nurses are paired with our best, most experienced nurses to learn The Westminster Canterbury Way of caring for our residents. This summer, we are piloting a new Nurse Aide intern program – read more about it here

Workforce Support – Generous donations make it possible for us to have a Professional School of Learning that trains every staff member annually, including leadership development, service excellence training, coaching and mentoring opportunities and more. A new offering this year is a formal innovation program that will teach staff how to better solve problems and design new products and services.

Wellness – Fitness is important at any age, and our Wellness team pilots a variety of classes such as taiko drumming, laughter yoga, ballroom dance and more to find the best ways to keep our residents active. These enhancements to our ongoing Wellness programming help us discover the right path forward for increased vitality.

These are just a few ways that philanthropy inspires innovation on our campus. We are grateful for our engaged employees who care deeply about those we serve, and for the inspiring generosity of so many who make it possible for us to provide excellence and compassion in equal measure.