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Inspiring Women

When you hear these words, what do you think of?  Strength. Assertiveness. Empathy. Passion. Imperfection. Power. Faith. Adaptability. Courage. Perseverance.  These are frequently mentioned characteristics to describe strong, successful and admired women.  We love that “imperfection” is a valued trait – because authenticity is… Continue Reading “Inspiring Women”

Celebrating Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s 2020 Laurel Award Winners!

We are fortunate to live in a time when views on what aging and elderhood “should be” are changing for the better. Once thought of as a “last chapter” of life, a time to slow down and disengage, more and more people are embracing… Continue Reading “Celebrating Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s 2020 Laurel Award Winners!”

2019 Accomplishments Made Possible by Generosity!

Generosity helps all residents at Westminster Canterbury Richmond by providing vital programming that is not possible otherwise. All residents benefit from these programs – not just those who can afford them. The best possible healthcare. Additional nursing staff to enhance the care we provide.… Continue Reading “2019 Accomplishments Made Possible by Generosity!”

The Big Red Bus

Kathryn Murden recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts and shortly after that started working at Westminster Canterbury Richmond. She has quickly become a valuable member of our team who created wonderful original designs and illustrations for our many publications. Kathryn… Continue Reading “The Big Red Bus”

Toe-Tapping Fun!

Many of us enjoy attending a concert or play from time to time, and though we have a great time, we may not appreciate the benefits of attending live performances.  Yet, the advantages are many and they continue from childhood through our older years.… Continue Reading “Toe-Tapping Fun!”

Celebrating Inspiring Generosity on National Poinsettia Day

Each holiday season, Westminster Canterbury Foundation celebrates inspiring generosity that supports critical programming by giving a red or white poinsettia plant to our residents who are Leaders in Giving. This beautiful, living gesture of our gratitude recognizes the unique and cherished relationship we have… Continue Reading “Celebrating Inspiring Generosity on National Poinsettia Day”

Attitude of Gratitude

This time of the year we turn collectively toward family and friends in thanksgiving for our many blessings. We look forward to enjoying traditional meals passed along through family traditions – and perhaps trying a new dish as well. It is a holiday to… Continue Reading “Attitude of Gratitude”

We All Benefit From the Generosity of Others

At various points in life, someone else made a decision to provide support that may have changed the course of your life. Maybe it was the scholarship that helped you attend college. Maybe your church pitched in to help when your loved one was… Continue Reading “We All Benefit From the Generosity of Others”

A Spirit of Generosity

We all make plans – short-term and long-term – for our lives. How do you envision your future? Westminster Canterbury Richmond has a vibrant vision for how seniors will live on our campus and in greater Richmond. There are many ways that you can… Continue Reading “A Spirit of Generosity”

Start Your Holiday Shopping at our Fall Craft Fair!

Each November, Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Center for Creative Living fills with an abundance of special crafts from more than 30 vendors. Artisans work year round preparing original art, fine crafts, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, handmade cards and more. Our resident-run Treasure Chest will also be… Continue Reading “Start Your Holiday Shopping at our Fall Craft Fair!”