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A Ride on The Pulse – Transportation for All

One of the key concerns of seniors in our surrounding area is a lack of access to public transportation. According to Westminster Canterbury Foundation’s Senior Community Needs Assessment, nearly 75% of those over 65 didn’t feel public transportation was available for older people. Richmond… Continue Reading “A Ride on The Pulse – Transportation for All”

Will you support your neighbor–in-need?

Mary was widowed in her early 40s. She worked as a secretary until retirement so that she could provide for her children’s needs and education. She struggles to make ends meet on her tiny pension. Her home needs critical safety repairs and she can… Continue Reading “Will you support your neighbor–in-need?”

Spirituality as Foundation

One’s spirituality creates the foundation of a strong and meaningful life.  The health of our spirit affects many aspects of wellness – your social and emotional wellbeing, your sense of security and purpose.  We believe a healthy spirit is the foundation of a vibrant… Continue Reading “Spirituality as Foundation”

Join us at our Live Life Well RVA Symposium: Innovation for the Longevity Economy!

We hope you will join us for this breakfast, program and opportunity to network with others interested in learning more about preparing for the future as people are living longer than ever before. Watch this short video for more details and feel free to… Continue Reading “Join us at our Live Life Well RVA Symposium: Innovation for the Longevity Economy!”

Advice for Active Aging Month!

September is Active Aging Month! Westminster Canterbury Richmond has amplified our usual Wellness activities with special opportunities including a Health and Wellness Fair and Walking Wednesdays. Now is the perfect time to consider how you can live life well as you age! What are… Continue Reading “Advice for Active Aging Month!”

The Lamp: Let Me Tell You a Story

Westminster Canterbury Richmond’s Summer 2018 issue of The Lamp features stories about how donors to Westminster Canterbury Foundation support our workforce, who are the drivers of innovation on our campus. Learn more about how their big ideas ensure the best life possible for our… Continue Reading “The Lamp: Let Me Tell You a Story”

Batting Into Fall in the Child Development Center

As Fall approaches, the Child Development Center at Westminster Canterbury Richmond is gearing up for an exciting new season! Each quarter, “friends and family boards” with a specific theme are decorated throughout the Center with photos of family fun and togetherness.  This season’s theme… Continue Reading “Batting Into Fall in the Child Development Center”

Senior Summer

The Senior Summer program at Westminster Canterbury Richmond provides learning opportunities to hundreds of residents each year. The program, which is the brain child of resident and founder Ann Archer, is hugely popular among residents and recently became available to those on our resident… Continue Reading “Senior Summer”

Make a Career Out of Caring

Westminster Canterbury Richmond is a great place to make a career out of caring! There are many opportunities to become a part of our award-winning community, from healthcare and engineering to housekeeping and hospitality. Watch this video to learn more about what makes Westminster… Continue Reading “Make a Career Out of Caring”

Pirates of the Canterbury

On July 28, Westminster Canterbury Richmond celebrated its 43rd anniversary with Pirates of the Canterbury festivities! Residents, employees, family members and children from our Child Development Center were encouraged to don their pirate attire and hand-decorated pirate hats and join the party. There was something… Continue Reading “Pirates of the Canterbury”